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 Fuzzy Buddy Project


Lion, Polka Dot Dog & Cheetah


Real "World Changer" Kellon was the first to bring his own version of "Fuzzy Buddies" to his friends. To the left shows a picture of his stuffed buddies - a lion, polka dot dog and cheetah. Each buddy has a "Fuzzy Buddy" card around their neck explaining the World Change Kids Project and how other kids can get involved in giving too! The lion, polka dot dog and cheetah will go to children who need did a special buddy.



Birthday Un-Presents

Levi and Christopher's Birthday

Recently, at Levi and Christopher's Birthday parties, they asked guests to bring "un-birthday" presents instead of gifts for them to keep. Kellon brought Fuzzy Buddies!


     Loving Lemonade Stand


     Real submissions coming soon


  Coins for a Cause

     Real submissions coming soon






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Nov 4, 2014
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