Steps to become a real “World Change Kid”   


   1. Sign up!

           Click here.

(We will never share your information with anybody. That’s our promise to you.)

   2. Pick a project

         - Fuzzy Buddy

         - Birthday Un-Presents

         - Loving Lemonade Stand

         - Coins for a Cause

         - (my own) “Making up my own!”

   3. Print your business cards

Go to the World Change Kids business cards template page. Type in your name and print your own business cards.

   4. Tell people and start doing!

           Depending on the project, start collecting stuffed animals, making

           lemonade, gathering coins, inviting people to your un-present birthday

           party or create your own.

           *Remember to thank your friends for their help and give them your

           business card and a World Change Kids brochure (You can print both right from the website!)

   5. Share with the World Change Kids Team

           Email and tell the World Change Kids Team about your project              and what you did! Send pictures, write stories and we will put them on the Real “World

           Changers” web page. Feel free to email any questions about World Change Kids

           or call (916) 503-3194.


       (To print this list, including boxes to check as you complete your steps, click here)



      World Change Kids Brochure

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Nov 4, 2014
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