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  • "Thanks for keeping us educated. :)
    It's always great to hear you on Armstrong and Getty! Somone's gotta keep those two animals in line. :P"
  • Just give us the Non-Partisan facts Gary. You're the man.
  • GOT IT TO WORK!!! FOR SOUTHERN HEMISPHERE USERS: choose google chrome, shut off pop-up blocker and use stream link.
  • "Filling out my ballot. If you want a non-partisan explanation of any of California's initiatives, this is a very helpful website. Check it out.
  • The most important thing you can do tomorrow is vote! I'm not gonna tell you who to vote for or how to vote, but encourage you to VOTE! If the state propositions are confusing, or if you simply want some non-partisan and honest analysis, go to, run by Gary Dietrich. He is the person running the site and is top notch in bringing both sides together to present the facts in easy to understand terms.
  • Thanks Gary. I go to your website every election. This year later than others and watched all the debates tonight with my wife.
  • @CitizenVoice Job well-done on your California proposition mini-debates!
  • Always enjoy Gary's interviews on A&G radio
  • @garydietrich love Gary!
  • Cool. Very user-friendly.
  • Just found out about you on K Love Radio. Thank you.
  • Thank you...
  • Thanks for these great videos.
  • Nice job on A&G this morning!
  • Thanks for these videos. It really helped me.
  • @garydietrich thanks for the follow love your work on Fox 40
  • Good job summing things up Gary!
  • Hear Dietrich periodically on Armstrong and Getty. Always thought provoking.
  • I love your non-partisan info.
  • Thank you for doing what you do. It is very difficult to present an honest, nonpartisan perspective on these really hot, sometimes emotionally driven, topics. You really know how to show the forest for the trees.

  • I just want to say thank you for providing this wonderful resource. The proposition information on the website helped me tremendously in deciding how to vote on the props. Including the debates is an awesome idea. They were very well done and helpful. Thank you so much for providing this wonderful resource!!!!!

  • Thank you, Gary, for establishing this website. The information on the Propositions--especially the mini debate videos--has helped me make my voting decisions.

  • Gary.... Thank you for your non-partisan info on the Ballot Proposals. Your information helped me to vote, hopefully more intellingently.

  • Thanks for your in-put, Gary. The old pro and cons portion of our ballots have been eliminated and probably could\'t be trusted anyway. I pray for accurate evaluations of bills and representatives (ESR\'s - Elected Servant Representatives) new and old.

  • This is a fantastic service to those of us who want to be really knowledgable when we cast our votes on Nov. 2. Thank you so much!!

  • Thank you, thank you, thank you! I am a greatly informed voter because of your interviews.

  • Thanks Gary: Your program with the speakers for YES and NO was perfect! I also saw you on local TV recently and was very impressed with your knowledge - thanks again for Citizen Voice.

  • You have a fantastic service here for Californians. I really hope every News Broadcast run your debates.

  • Wow! Love the website and the especially the mini debates on the props. Outstanding site that clearly lays out the pros and cons. My wife and I are fans. Thanks for doing this!

  • Thank you so much for your services in regards to the election. I have been trying to sort through news clips to figure out what to vote for this year. I'm not getting anywhere. I heard your broadcast this morning and went to your web site. WOW! This is just what I needed. Thank you for helping me make an informed decision.
  • I enjoy listening to you on the Armstrong & Getty show, and enjoy your comments about the elections (e.g. in re: Brown).
  • I love listening to your commentary on A&G and you and them have driven me towards this type of service. Keep up the great work.
  • Thanks for your awesome commentary, you make great sense. Keep it real. Thanks
  • Thanks, Gary, for once again posting the clarifying interviews regarding the recent election props on Citizen Voice. I Also heard a number of your radio interviews and think your insight on the issues is very valuable. Common sense just seems to be in short supply among the state's "leaders" these days. It ill take many miracles for the state's fiscal mess to be cleaned up but we can always hope for better times.
  • Super web site:) Will definitely visit soon!!
  • "Gary,
    Just wanted to thank you for for your great work on the Election Video Interviews. This should be REQUIRED viewing for all Californians!! You did a great job of asking pointed questions and maintaining an even-handed approach. These videos were a valuable tool that helped me decide how to vote on these propositions. You are performing a valuable public service.
  • Great job, and thanks again!!"
  • "Thank you for providing the mini debates regarding the CA ballot propositions. I found them interesting, informative, and respectfully conducted. They were very helpful as I made my voting decisions this year. Keep up the good work!"
  • "Your videos on the propositions were soooo helpful. Thank you for getting right to the heart of each issue. I listened to all. Your unbiased stance is so needed these days. I am glad I took the time to check out your site."
  • "I wanted you to know, I forwarded this web site to everyone I know in California, although I'm sad to say, it is not many. The information you have provided has helped me make much more informed decisions with regard to the propositions, and has even changed my vote on at least one (I'm still working on a few debates). I will donate money to keep this type of project going, and I hope my forwards have the same impact on my friends, and ultimately your great cause."
  • "Great interviews. It helped us make most of our decisions, and helped guide us to more information for those we are still debating."
  • "I listen to Gary on the Armstrong and Getty show."
  • "Heard of you on KFog radio today."
  • "Great listening on KGO with Ronn Owens this morning. Thanks for the info."
  • "Liked what I heard on Ronn Owen show."
  • "Caught you on Ronn Owens' show and like what you are doing, used to be politically active and want to be more so in the future. I'm 49 now and haven't missed a vote since my 18th birthday, but voting is not enough for me so I'm interested in other ways I can get involved."
  • "I heard about you on KFOG."
  • "I am very impressed by this organization, as I have learned about by listening to Gary Dietrich on The Armstrong and Getty show. I would like to become involved."
  • "Love to hear Gary on Armstrong and Getty."
  • "Gary-
    1. Really nice job on the new web site.
    2. Always look forward to your commentary on A & G.
    3. The video debates re props is a super idea! Very creative and a great use of the Internet."
  • "I've used Citizen Voice to better inform myself on propositions, and initiatives, thanks."
  • "Thank You!"
  • "I listen to Gary on Armstrong and Getty and appreciate his nonpartisan analysis of candidates and issues. Thank you."
  • "The work that Citizen Voice is doing is phenomenal. I am very grateful for the excellent work Gary has done in providing information to someone like me who sadly paid little attention until recently to some of the critical issues upon us. There are not many who can report the facts without significant spin, but Citizen Voice does just that. Keep it up!"
  • "Thank you for providing the mini debates regarding the CA ballot propositions. I found them interesting, informative, and respectfully conducted. They were very helpful as I made my voting decisions this year. Keep up the good work!"
  • "Your videos on the propositions were soooo helpful. Thank you for getting right to the heart of each issue. I listened to all. Your unbiased stance is so needed these days. I am glad I took the time to check out your site."
  • "I listen to you on A&G, thank you for your work it is greatly appreciated."
  • "Thanks for your Very useful!"
  • "You have done a fantastic job on the propositions for California."
  • "Thank you so much for all the very useful information! Your summaries made some of the confusing measures so much clearer for me. The work you do is very much appreciated."
  • "Learned a lot from Gary on the A&G show today. Thank you!"
  • "Thanks for this helpful online resource."
  • "I listen to Armstrong and Getty on the radio regularly and always pleased to hear Gary provide useful input."
  • "Just wanted to let you know that I enjoy hearing you on the radio and appreciate your non-bias reporting of the propositions. The web site is great too!"
  • "Love you on Armstrong and Getty... Great web site thank you"
  • "Fabulous web site. Thanks so much for putting it together. It makes it so much easier to get through the propositions and feel like you really understand the issues. Great Job! Learned about you on Armstrong and Getty."
  • "Gary,
    My wife and I wish to thank you for all your efforts to make our duty as voting citizens easier given so much to digest in nearly every case. Between your very well produced Mini-Debates and the CA General Election publication we were able to feel more confident about our personal decisions on our ballots. We have heard you many times on the radio and hope that you will continue to be the voice of reason and competent dialog in the future. Thanks again for all you do."
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