Election Results:

Prop 30 - Pass  53.9%/46.1%

Prop 31 - Fail  39.2%/60.8%

Prop 32 - Fail  43.8%/56.2%

Prop 33 - Fail  45.3%/54.7%

Prop 34 - Fail  47.3%/52.7%

Prop 35 - Pass  81.1%/18.9%

Prop 36 - Pass  68.7%/31.3%

Prop 37 - Fail  47.0%/53.0%

Prop 38 - Fail  27.7%/72.3%

Prop 39 - Pass  60.1%/39.9%

Prop 40 - Pass   71.4%/28.6%

Please note that these percentages are as of 11/7/12.


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We've launched an ambitious and unprecedented project, with on-demand videos and easy-to-use written ballot measure summaries specifically created to help you, the voter, cut through the election clutter. We've also provided links to helpful voter information.

With this unique project, you have the opportunity to hear directly from statewide ballot measure campaigns when it fits your schedule. Unlike 30-second ads, pre-packaged sound bites or speeches spun by political campaigns, these are highly valuable, short "mini-debates" with the questions you want answered so you can make an informed decision.

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 - "Wow! Love the website and the especially the mini debates on the props. Outstanding site that clearly lays out the pros and cons. My wife and I are fans. Thanks for doing this!"

 - "Thank you for doing what you do. It is very difficult to present an honest, nonpartisan perspective on these really hot, sometimes emotionally driven, topics. You really know how to show the forest for the trees."

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Nov 4, 2014
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