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                                                                                                 March 15, 2013



Big numbers and accomplishments for CV in 2012, with a great start in 2013!


Looking back – Citizen Voice has grown exponentially and we have the numbers to prove it!

Over the past few years Citizen Voice‘s projects have not only increased in visibility through media coverage, but also on the web. CV’s highly praised nonpartisan Election Project helped to nearly quintuple our online traffic since 2008, ending 2012 with 4.8 million website hits. Also since 2008, Citizen Voice’s media coverage increased over 100% - much due to the sought-after commentary provided by our President and political analyst Gary Dietrich, and other due to the relevance of the CV SAFELY OUT™ Project to major natural disasters such as Hurricane Sandy.

Make sure to scroll down on Citizen Voice’s homepage to see graphic representations of CV’s outstanding growth.



Restoration companies throughout the US received shipment of SAFELY OUT™ Kits for distribution.

After disaster strikes, many people forget all the hard work it takes to make a demolished area look new again. That’s where Disaster Kleenup International (DKI) comes in, North America's largest restoration contracting organization. CV’s partnership with DKI began in 2011 with the concept “SAFELY OUT™ Kits will allow occupants to get out safely, so restoration companies can come in quickly and get the job done,” and it has grown since then. Restoration companies have provided ongoing donations to SAFELY OUT™ and are called “I’m In!” members. Annually, members receive their allocated SAFELY OUT™ evacuation Kits to distribute in the communities they serve. For more info on becoming an “I’m In!” member contact sbecker@citizenvoice.org.

Over 1,000 Kits were shipped, with press release to jump-start distribution efforts in their community. Stay tuned for the DKI project’s next phase and to hear about community outreach stories as they unfold.


Cal EMA and CV’s SAFELY OUT™ preparing communities, organizations and safety specialists in California.

Citizen Voice’s SAFELY OUT™ Project has traveled throughout the state of California helping prepare communities, organizations and safety specialists through SAFELY OUT™. Many of the SAFELY OUT™ Kits distributed throughout California were Cal EMA sponsored. Recipients were grateful to see the state’s emergency services agency hard at work. Watch the video (below) and see the photos capturing the action and impact.

To date, over 100,000 SAFELY OUT™ Kits have been distributed statewide – en route to achieving the goal of 1 million SAFELY OUT™ evacuation kits in California.

Thanks to all of you who have helped along the way! We’ll keep you posted on our next cycle of SAFELY OUT™ Kits and grant funding with our essential, impactful partners at Cal EMA.





Safety Event at Norman Park Senior Center - San Diego








See the youth active in disaster preparedness handing out SAFELY OUT™ Kits during a Public Safety Appreciation BBQ - Downtown LA


More on how kids can get involved visit CV's World Change Kids Project






President Gary Dietrich knows from firsthand experience how to prepare the vulnerable.

- Union Square Public

Pre-ShakeOut Event

San Francisco








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