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                                                                                                 May 16, 2012

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  • Like adults, kids have a voice to share and a hand to lend - WCK Project
  • A trek of a lifetime...to protect a national treasure! - 3Rims3Days


Citizen Voice Launches New Project to Help Kids Become “World Changers!

Like adults, kids have a voice to share and a hand to lend:

We believe you're never too young to make a difference! Citizen Voice has launched our new World Change Kids Project giving kids a place where their voices can be heard and their ideas can be put into action. Raising kids to be “world-changers” and not just consumers and observers, the project provides unique, age-appropriate opportunities kids can get involved in – making a real difference in concrete ways. Always fun, kids will be supporting groundbreaking Citizen Voice efforts with various efforts of their own including: Fuzzy Buddy, Un-Birthday Presents, Loving Lemonade Stand and Coins for a Cause. The project recently rolled out on TV in California’s capital, and has gotten social media exposure nationwide. Check the Citizen Voice media webpage for recent coverage.  The website even features printable and personalized World Change Kids business cards - where kids can enter their own names - as a tool to use in outreach efforts. Right now it’s important to make a real impact on the world and not wait until high school or college graduation. The best things moms and dads can do for their kids is to give them the opportunity.  




A trek of a lifetime...to protect a national treasure!

Check out CV's 3RIMS3DAYS – hikers trek up Yosemite's three rims: 1) Half Dome/Clouds Rest, 2) North Dome and 3) Glacier Point in three days!  In partnership with Bayside Adventure Sports (BAS), this “Trek To Protect A National Treasure” will share the donated proceeds equally between The Yosemite Conservancy, BAS, and Citizen Voice.  CV is proud to have created the vision for this project as part of our mission to help protect our vulnerable created world.  As many as 35 hikers will take part in this adventure by passing a qualifying hike and raising sponsorship supporting their personal “trek.”  An outstanding accomplishment to be sure -- 40+ miles, over 14,000 feet of elevation gain -- this trek is challenging, exhilarating, and in the end deeply satisfying. Few have ever done anything like this, especially for a great cause. On-trail medical staff, experienced guides, maps, snacks and custom printed 3RIMS3DAYS t-shirts and hats will be provided, as well as food and campsites in Yosemite Valley.  Don’t miss out! Spread the word about Citizen Voice’s 3Rims3Days: Trek To Protect A National Treasure.




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