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                                                                                                 November 2, 2012


Triple Impact: Citizen Voice Website Hits Explode from 1 Million in 2008 to Over 3 Million in 2012!


Count them - 5 days until Election Day! We are your resource for voter information that “cuts the clutter”! Below are instructions for simple, concise election resources to use and share!

Apparent from our 3.3 million hits (and counting!) on CitizenVoice.org in 2012 to date, information-overloaded voters are visiting our CV Nonpartisan Election Project 2012 site to receive unbiased information straight from both sides of the campaigns themselves!
Before election day, Nov. 6th, take time to review nonpartisan voting information on the general election and all 11 California ballot propositions:


General Election

  • Visit Citizen Voice’s Media Center for archives of interviews and news stories from Political Analyst and CV President Gary Dietrich regarding the Romney and Obama campaigns
  • Visit Gary’s Blog: “Gary Dietrich on Politics” to view recent TV and radio appearances analyzing the campaigns
  • Visit Gary Dietrich on Twitter (@GaryDietrich) to see live-tweets posted during the campaigns,including all four of the debates

California Propositions

  • Visit Citizen Voice’s Nonpartisan Election Project 2012 Statewide Propositions page. Select the proposition you want to view from the pull-down menu for access to 1) FREE: “mini-debate” videos moderated by Gary Dietrich and featuring the top proponents/opponents of each measure; 2) Audio downloads so you can listen to the pros and cons on the go; 3) Easy-to-understand short summaries (both online and printable) 4) Links to both the YES and NO sides of the each proposition.
  • Visit Twitter and follow hashtag #PropaDay linking you to our “mini-debate” videos on YouTube and links to Twitter feeds on both sides of the propositions.


Your Valued Comments

Citizen Voice thanks YOU for your ongoing support and praise! View what people have been saying about the CV Nonpartisan Election Project and feel free to leave us a comment - CV Nonpartisan Election Project Valued Comments.



Storms and flooding sweep over the nation …

Citizen Voice’s SAFELY OUT™ Project prepares you and your loved ones! See where SAFELY OUT™ has been lately

Our hearts go out to all those affected by and recovering from the devastating effects of Hurricane Sandy.  Preparation for disaster is crucial for everyone. Over the past two months, Citizen Voice’s SAFELY OUT™ team has participated in multiple disaster preparedness events, providing valuable SAFELY OUT™ Kits designed to help protect the most vulnerable. Watch our newest video in San Francisco at the Great Shake Out Event in Union Square as we hand out SAFELY OUT™ Kits and see interviews with project supporters Steve Sellers, Assistant Secretary of the California Emergency Management Agency, and Rob Dudgeon, Deputy Director of the San Francisco Department of Emergency Management. The distribution of Citizen Voice’s 40,000 SAFELY OUT™ Kits including 10,000 in Spanish, has begun making a significant impact.

Follow CV’s SAFELY OUT™ Project on Twitter (@SAFELYOUT) for project updates and track where SAFELY OUT™ Kits are being distributed with hashtag #SOKit.




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