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                                                                                               November 8, 2011

In this edition:

  • Emergency Alert System test tomorrow!
  • Winter is upon us


Emergency Alert System test tomorrow

We have all heard that very distinctive sound coming from our TV followed by the words, “This is a test of the Emergency Alert System...” On Wednesday, November 9th at 11:00 AM PST, there will be a nationwide test of the Emergency Alert System. This test will be a little bit different as this will be a national test across the entire country. And you may not see the familiar test banner crawling across your screens but remember it IS at test. Because of the system design, not everyone in the country will see the crawl (the crawling words across your TV screen) that says this is a test. It will say this is an emergency alert. For people who are deaf or hard of hearing, they will not hear this voice so there could be some confusion. Likewise, people who are blind or have low-vision will hear the voice saying it is just a test but they may not understand what the test is about. People with cognitive or intellectual disabilities may have difficulty understanding how the test applies to them. These limitations come from the older systems that are being used for these tests. Citizen Voice's SAFELY OUT™ Project wants to make sure you understand it is “only a test”!

It is also an opportunity for us to remind you winter weather is approaching us fast. The East Coast has already had major storms and significant power outages. If you haven’t done so already: make a family disaster plan; put together a disaster survival kit, and get a SAFELY OUT™ kit for you and your neighbors. If you live in an area with a neighborhood association, disaster council, etc, contact us so we can help your whole neighborhood get better prepared.

If you need disaster preparedness information, go to: www.ready.gov and if you want more information on the Emergency Alert System nationwide test, go to www.fema.gov.


Winter is upon us

Storms, snow and cold weather are here, so make sure you are prepared and get “SAFELY OUT™”! To protect your friends and family, order a SAFELY OUT™ Kit online at www.citizenvoice.org.



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