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                                                                                                 November 9, 2012


Incredible...Over 4 Million Hits on CV's Website During 2012 Elections!


Election results, election media archives and “Behind the Scenes” Playlist of Election 2012 with Gary Dietrich available!

The 2012 Election is in the books!  Visit the Citizen Voice Nonpartisan Election Project homepage to see election outcome breakdowns.  For media recaps of this historic event, visit Citizen Voice’s Media Center housing archives of political analyst and CV President Gary Dietrich’s many on-air hits throughout the election.  Also, check out our “Behind the Scenes” YouTube Playlist of Election 2012 featuring Gary in multiple TV and radio stations as well as "CV exclusive" election night video updates as results unfolded.

Thank you, Citizen Voice Nonpartisan Election Project supporters, for sharing and using our site – contributing to our running total of 4.4+ million hits 2012.  Amazing!  What a great success.





Following Hurricane Sandy, NorthEast storm Athena moves in – deaths rise, and The Sacramento Bee reaches out to CV's SAFELY OUT™ Project for answers for vulnerable seniors.

OYou’ve seen the headlines of the East Coast’s domino effect of storms – leaving people dead, isolated and stranded – especially the vulnerable. Across the country, many provide donations, support and prayers. Citizen Voice's SAFELY OUT™ Kit -- created in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina for disasters such as this -- has again been featured as a groundbreaking, neighbor-helping-neighbor approach to helping protect our most vulnerable. The Sacramento Bee’s Anita Creamer, writing about seniors who struggle in these conditions, featured SAFELY OUT™ exclusively an article highlighting the SAFELY OUT™ Kit as a valuable tool for the vulnerable – including frail elderly, people with disabilities and families with young children – to evacuate safely in times of disaster. The article remarks on the versatility of the SAFELY OUT™ Kit and details the SO™ Project going nationwide.



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