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                                                                                                March 23, 2011

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  • An Important Message from Jerry Colivas, Citizen Voice's SAFELY OUT™ Advisory Team Leader
  • 40K Kits Going Out Statewide

An Important Message from Jerry Colivas, Citizen Voice’s SAFELY OUT™ Advisory Team Leader

By now I am sure that you are overwhelmed with the sudden and tragic disaster in Japan. Thousands of lives have been lost. Roads, bridges, rail and other infrastructure have been destroyed and thousands of cars, boats, and homes are just no longer there. And of course the nuclear disaster which is still unfolding. In all of this, what stood out for me were the images of the many acts of heroism, and the Japanese people’s resoluteness and what I believe is a resiliency.
We are hearing through the media that in the United States a similar disaster would be at least as devastating. Japan is probably better prepared to face disasters than the United States as their disaster exercises and drills are more frequent than ours. For example, all school children in Japan do the “duck, cover and hold” drill on a regular basis.

This disaster brings up so many issues to discuss. For this article I am focusing on the idea that being prepared to be self-sufficient for 48 hours is archaic and that we need to think about preparing to be self-sufficient for at least five days. Rescuers are not going to be available to everyone in the first few minutes, hours, or even in some cases days. We need to be prepared to go it on our own until help arrives. Also, if we have the opportunity to safely evacuate before an event, we need to do so. That of course is where the SAFELY OUT™ Kits are so important.

Recently the SAFELY OUT™ Project worked with Humboldt and Del Norte Counties to distribute SAFELY OUT™ Kits during Tsunami Awareness Week which ironically is this week. These two counties exercise, drill, practice, and provide tsunami awareness education and are now providing SAFELY OUT™ Kits as part of their awareness program.

Because of the tsunami generated by the earthquake in Japan, Humboldt and Del Norte, along with other Coastal counties were very active with Del Norte County evacuating 9,000 of its residents. That would be like evacuating 700,000 people in the Sacramento region.

In concluding I have two points. One, if you haven’t already done so you should consider supporting the relief efforts in Japan. You can go to www.CaliforniaVolunteers.org and find links to organizations that are supporting the relief effort.

And two, consider obtaining SAFELY OUT™ Kits for yourself and your family, for your neighbors, your church, your office, or for other individuals or organizations to share this valuable evacuation information.


40K Kits Going Out Statewide

This week, 40,000 SAFELY OUT™ kits will begin being distributed throughout the state of California, helping prepare some of our most vulnerable for disasters. This historic step marks yet another milestone in the rapidly growing partnership between Citizen Voice, the California Emergency Management Agency (CalEMA), and other major supporters. Last fall, CalEMA granted Citizen Voice funds to distribute tens of thousands of SAFELY OUT™ Kits statewide to residents that would have difficulty in evacuating after a manmade or natural disaster – the frail elderly, disabled and families with young children. A national Rand report recently cited SAFELY OUT™ as nationwide best practice in its recommendations to state and local governments nationwide. Read the rest of the press release here.


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