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                                                                                                March 7, 2011

Largest Kit Production Begins and SAFELY OUT Goes to Colorado!


Check Out a Video of Largest SAFELY OUT™ Kit Production

Production began this week at PRIDE Industries on the largest SAFELY OUT™ Kit order since the beginning of the project. With 40,000 Kits being assembled, by the vulnerable themselves for the vulnerable, it is truly something to be excited about. Check out the video below to see Citizen Voice founder, Gary Dietrich, and SAFELY OUT™ Project Consultant, Charles Cassani, at PRIDE talking about the assembly of the Kits and why this project is such a great example of public and private partnership.


SAFELY OUT™ Goes to Colorado!
SAFELY OUT™ is headed to Colorado Springs for the Annual Restoration Industry Association’s Leadership Summit and Industry Expo. Here are some reasons why SAFELY OUT™ is going to be a part of this event from Charles Cassani, a RIA Industry professional and SAFELY OUT™ Project Consultant:


  • To encourage and partner with RIA (Restoration Industry Association) in a community outreach effort to distribute Safely Out™ Kits to the vulnerable throughout the United States
  • To extol the remarkable progress that has been achieved locally in uniting non-profit, government and private partnerships to protect the vulnerable in case of an area-wide disaster
  • To introduce RIA members and local community leaders to this nationally recognized “best practice” community project focused on safe evacuation for the vulnerable (as cited in The Rand Corporation Public Health Preparedness “Toolkit for State and Local Planning and Response.”)

Check back soon for updates from our trip!


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