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                                                                                                 June 28, 2013


Protecting Yosemite...and protecting the vulnerable during disasters

Last week, trekkers including Citizen Voice President Gary Dietrich and Fox40 news anchors hiked to the tops of Yosemite's 3 rims in 3 days raising awareness and money to protect this treasure for future generations

Did you tune-in last week to get live updates from 3RIMS3DAYS: Trek to Protect a National Treasure? If not, visit our Citizen Voice Media Center for a recap of radio and television broadcasts from all 3 days of the trek!

We thank Fox40 new anchors Paul Robins, Bethany Crouch and Darren Peck for actually trekking the 3RIMS3DAYS with us and raising awareness and funds to protect Yosemite for future generations. If you haven’t donated already visit Citizen Voice’s contribute page to support this important cause. (Make sure to put "3RIMS3DAYS" in the comments box when you do!)

Millions visit Yosemite each year basking in its glory, but few do so to help protect its rare natural beauty and vulnerable components. Citizen Voice and Bayside Adventure Sports are glad to offer this exhilarating opportunity to do just that, helping ensure the national treasure that is Yosemite lives on by offering this 3RIMS3DAYS event.

If you missed the 2013 trek this year, join us in 2014 as the adventure continues…



First Responder Weekend was a big hit! Firefighters, police, EMTs and more were honored for their service, while the community became even better prepared with SAFELY OUT™

Bayside church campuses across the Sacramento, California region participated in First Responders Weekend May 18th and 19th honoring first responders and also helping protect the vulnerable by providing Citizen Voice SAFELY OUT™ evacuation kits. We were excited to have the involvement of our new Citizen Voice World Change Kid project at the high-profile SAFELY OUT™ Project booth. A total of 3,880 SAFELY OUT™ Kits distributed to families who attended and donations were raised to help get Kits into the hands of many of the vulnerable in the region.

Many participants enjoying taking their picture climbing inside various emergency response vehicles, dressing up as first responders and getting hands-on experience through the event’s interactive areas, and learning more about how to effectively prepare for disasters. First responders introduced to SAFELY OUT™ for the first time expressed strong support for the project - with a number signing up as project volunteers - upon seeing the "force multiplier" benefits SAFELY OUT™ provides to the first responder community.







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