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  • In my opinion, I think this is very informative, creative, and something we need to see in our area. And think about it, we must be ready for the unexpected.
  • Safely Out is a Great Program that not only assist the elderly and handicapped during times of crisis but also for emergency personnel and responders who are trying to locate those in need in a timely fashion. Thanks Gary!
  • Great idea, I plan to get kits for other family members. Thanks.
  • Great idea. It will be great for my disabled neighbors next door to us that we watch out for.
  • Thank you. You have provided a great tool.
  • As Chairwoman of the Yolo County Commission on Aging and Adult Services, thank you for taking the lead on this important and very useful "grassroots" project. We are working on our Disaster Plan for Vulnerable Populations but you have already developed tools to get that done! Thank you.
  • Thank you very much!
  • Thanks for all you do. I will be donating 2 of these to elderly neighbors. Mine is for our house...I care for my beloved mother who has Alzheimer's and has a wheelchair. We live in earthquake country.

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