Say "I'm In!"

We Protect The Vulnerable During Disasters By Saying...

"I'm In!" with the SAFELY OUT™ Project.


What "I'm In!" Means for You

We all know the heartbreaking human tragedy that can follow natural or manmade disasters. Now YOU have the opportunity to truly help your community prior to an emergency situation by saying "I'm In!" with SAFELY OUT™. Will you say..."I'm In!"...and help protect our most vulnerable?

Born out of the heartbreak of Katrina, the Citizen Voice SAFELY OUT™ Project is designed to help a community's most vulnerable citizens evacuate safely in the event of a disaster. A core element of the SAFELY OUT™ Project is the distribution of emergency evacuation kits, providing easy access to valuable evacuation tools for vulnerable citizens in emergency situations.

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SAFELY OUT™ Kits include

  • Door hanger indicating NEED HELP or SAFELY OUT™ 
  • Refrigerator magnet for essential evacuation contact information
  • Storage bag for prescriptions, insurance information, etc.
  • How to guide and SAFELY OUT™ helper information forms
  • Permanent marker, erasable pen, adhesive strip


Why "I'm In!" for SAFELY OUT!™

As a supporter of the Citizen Voice SAFELY OUT™ Project, your company will be recognized as an industry leader who cares about the safety of your community prior to and following a disaster situation.

"I'm In!" Partners:


  • DKI Corporate
  • El Dorado Restoration
  • Five Star Restoration
  • Walker & Frick Construction
  • J. Bowers Construction
  • New Life Service Co.
  • The Restoration CleanUp Company
  • Woodard Cleaning & Restoration Inc.
  • Inland Tri Tech, Inc.
  • Great Lakes Renovations


"I'm In!" Benefits

  • Increased Visibility—By saying "I'm In!" to SAFELY OUT™, your company will receive increased visibility by linking to the SAFELY OUT™ Web site, access to promotional collateral materials and authorized usage of the "I'm In!" and/or SAFELY OUT™ logo. Great exposure alongside a great cause.
  • Credibility—Being an "I'm In!" partner brings instant credibility among businesses, individuals and officials in the community. Your genuine care is demonstrated as you partner with Citizen Voice, a highly regarded 501c3 non-profit organization.
  • Exclusivity—All "I'm In!" partners are expected to be qualified professionals in good standing within their industry. Set yourself apart from the rest. 
  • Tax Deductible Contribution—Your "I'm In!" sponsorship of the SAFELY OUT™ Project qualifies as a tax deductible contribution. An added bonus!
  • Greater Awareness to your Industry—As an "I'm In!" partner, you demonstrate your industry's care and concern for the community before, during and after a disaster.

By taking steps now, your company not only demonstrates that you can be counted on following a disaster & you can be counted on for support before something happens.

To find out how to get involved protecting the vulnerable, contact Stephanie Becker at or at 916-503-3194.

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Nov 4, 2014
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