Disaster can impact any of us, at any time. Whether it's fire, flood, earthquake or manmade disaster, safe evacuation is job one... especially for the most vulnerable.

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Your one-stop shop for election weary voters! This unique nonpartisan project offers on-demand video "mini-debates," easy-to-use written ballot summaries, and lots more helpful election information.

We cut through the clutter and get the questions you want answered so you can make an informed decision.

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Help protect our outdoor wonders through the 3RIMS3DAYS 2014 Trek to Protect a National Treasure. Make an important investment in the future by clicking here.

The World Change Kids Project

We believe you're never too young to make a difference! Like adults, kids have a voice to share and a hand to lend. The World Change Kids Project gives kids a place where their voices can be heard and their ideas can be put into action.

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2018 Election Information
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Most of us want our lives to mean something. Given the chance, we would make the biggest impact possible, especially on behalf of those who need our attention and our protection.

Citizen Voice is a new and growing nonpartisan movement of people who do more than care—they act. Together, we're inspiring, informing and involving citizens on behalf of our neighborhoods, our communities, our regions and our world.

Citizen Voice...involving citizens...protecting the vulnerable.



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