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3RIMS3DAYS 2014: Trek to Protect a National Treasure
August 26-28, 2014

For many, the great outdoors – including our national, state, regional and local parks – is an incomparable place of awe, wonder, and rejuvenation. A place where hearts are touched, memories are made, and bodies are challenged to grow stronger. These special places are, in the minds of most, some of our most cherished national treasures, vital to protect and share with future generations.

Also understood by many are the significant challenges facing many of our parks – fiscal, environmental and more. These pressures threaten to strain or even do harm to some of these national treasures over time. The Citizen Voice 3RIMS3DAYS Trek to Protect a National Treasure is designed to highlight these places of wonder and help address the challenges they are facing – through heightened public appreciation of these unique assets, bringing visibility to concerns, and assisting with projects to preserve and enhance these treasures.

The 3RIMS3DAYS trek team doesn’t just visit Yosemite Valley, but helps thousands experience every inch from every angle by enabling them to “trek virtually” all three magnificent rims with the team, over 50 miles with a cumulative elevation gain of over 14,000 feet – climbing the Mist Trail past Vernal and Nevada Falls to summit Half Dome, trekking past Yosemite Falls to the North Rim before summiting North Dome, and finally ascending the many switchbacks of 4 Mile Trail to the breathtaking views from Glacier Point.

So join us in helping protect these marvelous wonders by contributing to the 3RIMS3DAYS 2014 Trek to Protect a National Treasure by clicking on the link above now. You’ll be making an important investment in the future … for all of us.

Past Events

First Responders Weekend May 18 & 19 – Northern California’s largest-ever multi-campus event honoring firefighters, police, EMTs and more who put themselves in harm’s way to protect the community. SAFELY OUT™ Kits will be handed out to all attendees providing an opportunity for everyone to help our First Responders and prepare their families for a natural or manmade disaster.

Packed with an array of emergency response vehicles, interactive areas, educational opportunities and more…

Grab your friends, family and neighbors and come say “Thank You” to the heroic, selfless individuals who sacrifice daily.

For service times and locations visit:

Citizen Voice’s SAFELY OUT™ Swim for Life Event!

Join us this June 2, 2012 cheering on Bill Romanelli swim 10K to raise money for SAFELY OUT™ while raising awareness of the need to protect the vulnerable during disasters. Come watch him tear through his 440 laps of generosity. Sponsorship opportunities available.

The Great CA ShakeOut – October 20, 2011 at 10:20am

On October 20, 2011, San Francisco Community Agencies Responding to Disasters (SF CARD), along with community partners from San Francisco Department of Emergency Management (SF DEM) and the American Red Cross Bay Area delivered a disaster response exercise to nonprofit and faith-based organizations to practice organizational response and measure organizational resiliency. The exercise also gave participating organizations the opportunity to practice their personalized disaster recovery plans and utilize the Bay Area Coordinated Assistance Network, which assists nonprofits to coordinate information and resources to meet the needs of disaster survivors. The exercise took place at the SF DEM Emergency Operations Center in San Francisco, and Citizen Voice was proud to have been invited to address the assembled group about the SAFELY OUT™ Project and our plans for growth in the San Francisco Bay Area. In addition to Citizen Voice President and Co-Founder Gary Dietrich, other notable speakers at this event included Mike Dayton, the acting Secretary of the California Emergency Management, Rob Dudgeon, the Deputy Director at SF DEM, and Russ Paulsen, the Director of Preparedness at the American Red Cross Headquarters Office in Washington, D.C.